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Do you provide weekend bookings?

Yes, we do on Saturdays from 10 am till 2pm. Our team is committed to providing you with the most efficient service, so we even provide bookings outside of these times. During the busy months of January, July, August and September are open, we understand that you may need us and so we are open for the majority of weekends from 10am-5pm. We would recommend to check our opening times on the website.

What should we expect from the properties?

All the properties we provide are fully furnished to a high standard. We ensure that all our properties are properly cleaned before renting them out to anyone and we also provide stylish furniture to complement each property.

Is it possible to rent one room in a house?

We offer individual rooms to be let within shared student homes, although communal areas such as the bathroom and kitchen will have to be shared.

Is it possible to have student hall accommodation?

We have a very large complex called 'Cumberland Court', which can accommodate a huge number of people. It's a popular place, in the heart of the well-known Headingly/Hyde Park area.

Will I have a connection to the internet?

The internet connection varies from each property, for further information please speak to a member of staff. We provide our tenants with information leaflets about internet companies such as Virgin etc..

Would I be able to have any pets at the property?

Unfortunately, we do not accommodate any pets in our properties.

What is the best way to pay for the deposit?

To make deposit payments convenient for our customers we offer online payments through our website. We also offer alternatives to cash payments, for example in our office we have a debit/credit card machine.


What happens on the day I move in?

Providing that all forms have been filled in and fees have been paid, you will be handed keys to move into the property on the day the tenancy begins from 12 noon. On the day of the new tenancy it will be very busy so it may take time for you to receive your keys. If you have paid for the inventory video service we will follow you to the property at the allocated time to record the condition of the property.

How do I register the utility bills in my name?

In order to do this, you’ll have to contact the utility provider. Then you will need to reference your meter reading and serial numbers, followed by it being registered in your name. We also need a copy of this information. A full guide on how to set up your utilities will be provided in the Spencer Properties’ Handbook

Are locks allowed to be fitted on the bedroom door?

It is against fire regulations to fit locks to bedroom doors. We do not permit any locks to be fitted on internal doors, for any damaged cause the tenant will be held liable. Also they may also be held responsible if there is any removal fees of the locks. We or the fire department need to be able to access all rooms In case of a fire.

Is it possible for my deposit to be deducted from my last rent payment?

As the deposit and rent are separate, this will not be possible. The rent will need to be paid. The deposits are held in a separate account and will be refunded from that account at the end of the tenancy.

Where do I return my keys at the end of the tenancy?

It's important that the keys are returned on the last day of the tenancy by 12noon. Failure to do so will result in charges for items such as locks being changed and having to situate new tenants in alternative accommodation. For these reasons it’s essential that you bring the keys back on time.


  • Very efficient and go the extra mile.
    Cleo & Samantha

  • I've been renting a from Spencer Properties for a while now and have no major complaints. I was able to move in to the property just two days after the first viewing with all the paperwork done smoothly, which was excellent as I needed somewhere at short notice, and any maintenance issues, etcetera, have been deal with pretty swiftly. Certainly a better experience than I've had with letting agencies in the past.
    Alistair Iveson

  • Good experience, quick with resolving problems.
    Mohammed Bari

  • Since we were looking for a new property with Spencer properties it was easy to book an appointment for viewing. Then we decided to move in to one of their property it was easy to sort it out. When we signed to contract and sent all our details the property was ready to move in. So far we had only one minor maintenance issue but it was sorted straight away.
    Agnes Fruzsa

  • I have been renting through Spencer Properties for a few months and so far the experience has been much better than I have had with other agencies. The processes of viewing the flat, signing the contract and moving into the property were seamless and easy. There were a couple of discrepancies between the inventory and the condition of the flat, but once we pointed them out these issues were quickly resolved. I have only had contact with Frankee so far, who has been friendly and professional throughout. Overall I have no major complaints.
    Thomas Treacy

  • I've had quite a few issues with my boiler, but landlord is always very quick to fix. They also put locks on my windows at my request.
    Natalie Dohohue

  • Very good landlords, very helpful and very professional. I would always recommend!
    Lauren Richardson and Hannah Fox

  • Very efficient dealing with repairs or queries with flat.
    Tony Magee

  • Very fast communication in general.
    Thereza Reis

  • Overall, it’s been a pretty good experience. Everything works and repairs are always dealt with extremely efficiently and without any fuss.
    Timothy Brown & Claudia Rose

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