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Should you be thinking about house sharing? Is it right for you? Take a look at some of the advantage find with house sharing...



The most obvious advantage of renting a room in a House share instead of having your own flat is that is costs much less. After all, you are only paying for a single room instead of a full property. House shares suit a tight budget as you get all the benefits for a cheaper price.



Location is important, you may be looking for a certain area only a short distance from the University but you can't find anything to rent on your own within your budget. As you can imagine, the chances are the rent in certain areas are higher than others due to demand and proximity to the Universities and transport links. House shares enable you to live in your ideal location for a price you can afford.



Let's admit it, living solo in a studio may become lonesome. When you have room mates, they can keep you company watching television, drinking out, cooking or even watching films. On the plus side, no need to gawp at your iPhone to see if anyone will invite you for dinner or a night out. On top of this, you are increasing your social skills which is established by being around various people. Be ready to have your calendar flooded with outings and hangouts. 



We are looking to fill our four bedroom house share in Headingley. The property is situated just behind Skyrack off the main strip on Granby Place. This terraced house comes fully furnished with 4 large, spacious double bedrooms. Fully fitted kitchen and modernly furnished living room. Two bathrooms throughout the property. You never know, this might just be for you and 3 friends or you may just want to seek out 3 new friends! See link below for images and more information;

We also have ONE bedroom left in our spectacular 11 Bedroom mansion. All double bedrooms come with their own ensuite bathrooms (no need to share your personal space). Furnished to a high spec throughout with large living room and kitchen for all 11 tenants. Maybe it's time you plucked up the courage and met some new people?

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